FIve goals of secondary math

July 13, 2010

hello ed526b,

Five primary goals of secondary math that I think are important are:

1. Prepare students for higher level mathematics courses.
2. instill an appreciation of the far reaching impact math has on everyday life.
3. Teach students to think logically.
4. Give students the confidence to experiment with mathematical ideas and concepts.
5. Give students a basis to grow from in terms of cooperative learning. ( This should be a goal for all secondary ed classes. )



  1. Peter,
    Like the pie chart and the goals. How did you create the chart?

    • Thanks Bob,
      I used the numbers program on my Mac. I put each goal in a different cell in a row and then I listed the percentages in the cell right underneath the goal. Then I highlighted all of them and clicked on the charts button in the toolbar. One of the options is piechart, I clicked it and it created it for me. I then used the “Grab it” program to take a picture of it and I saved it as a jpeg. I was then able to upload it to the blog.
      I think Excel has the same capability to make a piechart but I do not know how to take a picture of it on a PC.
      Hope that helps-

  2. Hi Peter,

    I’m getting started reviewing the work on your site. I love the picture of little man! The time flies so quickly. I remember my son being that size. Now, he’s kicking the ball and starting to ask about the potty! How about a new pic?

    In your 5 key issues, when you say appreciate, you mean like/enjoy? Or do you mean have an understanding? Either way is good, because I want students to enjoy math, and replace fear with fun. Yet, I realize so many won’t! So, I usually opt for the appreciation meaning an understanding.

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