Collaborative Learning Webinar

July 14, 2010

I attended a webinar on on Tuesday, July 13. During the webinar the moderator gave an overview of how collaborative learning can work in multiple classrooms. She included the reasoning behind using collaborative teaching techniques and many examples of projects that have been completed through international collaboration. Some of the key factors discussed were: the Objectives, some strategies, Project documentation, resources (both human and technical), the impact these projects can have on schools, communities, and the world. There was also instruction on how collaborative learning couples with problem based learning to get students, family, community, and teachers involved in problem solving. Of course, in order for this to be successful it must be based in a solid curriculum and have a good design and the tools necessary to complete the project.
The moderator also pointed out how “easy” it can be to run one of these projects. As long as you can use email, manage files, use blogs and wikis, make a video, schedule international meetings, find partner schools, interact with people online, and build online communities, you can run a successful collaborative project.
Overall I left the webinar intrigued by the idea while at the same time wondering how much planning and effort it would take to get one up and running. I can honestly say that the idea seems daunting at best. I would love to see some more examples in greater detail. More information about the planning and implementation would definitely be necessary before I would venture out and try one of these projects on my own.


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