Week 1 response to instructional Technology Blog

July 23, 2010


You bring excellent points out in your article. I would love to hear more ideas for implementation in the math classroom. I am currently taking a class where we are discussing multiple representations and the benefits they can have in furthering algebraic thinking. In terms of functions and their graphs, I can see some practical applications for some basic programs such as excel wherein we could teach the concept of slope/rate of change and have the students use the technology to gain a deeper understanding as to how they relate to the function. This coincides with your ideas of using geometry software to allow experimentation with families of functions as well. As a teacher I know that I get caught up in the process and rote memorization practices that lead to a shallow understanding of the material that does not last in the minds of my students. I feel that if we could get the students using technology that they could interact with on a more personal level then perhaps we could tap into the deeper connections that would stay with our students longer. Furthermore, If we could use technology more comprehensively throughout the entire high school curriculum it would only benefit our students.


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