2.9 reflection on Twiducate webinar

July 26, 2010

in the Twiducate webinar I learned very quickly how many very dedicated teachers there are around the country. There was a group of about 40 educators from all over and we were discussing the different things we have done over the summer to improve our practice. In a moment of painful honesty I must admit that I felt pretty pathetic when people started rattling off all of the seminars and conferences that they have attended, not to mention all of the books that have been read on topics ranging from releasing the inner reader in all of us to journal articles about differentiated instruction. The class was set up as a way for educational professionals to brainstorm about different PD possibilities. I would have to say that it met that criteria In the side chat, people were throwing out links to different seminars and conferences that they had attended as well as different Wimba-like tools and software that could be used for collaboration. My plan was to go back and review the whole session and pull out the links that were especially intriguing but I have not been able to find the archive of it yet. When it is posted I will look through it again and reply to this post with some more in depth findings.


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