3-2 Assignment on Linearity

August 1, 2010

For my asssignment on linearity I created a real life exploration of systems of equations. you can find the exploration here.(you must click on the word file to see the assignment) I am trying to revamp my course work for algebra 1 anyway and this was something I have been working on to try and get my students to understand the usefullness of algebra in their everyday lives.



  1. Your wiki has restricted access. Is it intentional?

    • Whoops- that was intended to allow only my students to access it- I will change it. Sorry about that

  2. It has been changed to public

    • Awesome, thanks! Great exploration. This sort of comparison is hugely useful for several important contexts, like cell phone plans.

  3. This comment is for tasks 7.1 & 7.2


    This exercise has a very nice go-easy approach. Students slowly build up information about a subject by doing a series of problems based on real life situations that get increasingly more sophisticated and complex. This should be very good for minimizing math anxiety. The only suggestion I can think of is the possibility of adding some activities for kids with different learning styles.

    For example:
    1. Role playing the actual scenario, where someone is hailing a cab and needs to figure out which company to use, or have two cab drivers try to persuade the same student that their company’s rates are the best for his needs.

    2. Art/Graphic Design. Give students who are interested the opportunity to diagram or draw some of the cab ride scenarios.


    I liked the progression of questions the students have to answer and the way they led to understanding the mathematics of the situation. Perhaps it would be possible to insert a few questions that would prompt students to ponder and conjecture about mathematical rules along the way.

    For instance, before question 6, insert a question like: Do you think there is a rule for deciding which company is best to use in certain situations? In every situation? If there is a rule, what might it be?

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