3-3 Online task

August 1, 2010

I found an interesting task online that required students to create a board game using questions found on the Internet. The lesson plan can be found here. I like the idea of using a game setting to help students create their own review, however, I would make some changes to the outline. First of all, since this is a review game I would rather see the students either use equations that they have done in class or create their own new equations to solve. Actually, now that I think about it, the students should have to create the problems and since they are required to provide an answer key, this will make sure that they are reviewing the skills they need to review to make this activity a success. The other concern I have with this activity is the amount of time that is alloted for the whole process to take place. 230 minutes is almost an entire weeks worth of instructional time in my high school. With the extreme over-testing that already goes on (4-sights, Keystone exams, PSSA’s) I have a hard enough time getting through the curriculum that is handed down from the administration. I could not justify spending a week of time to create a “game,” no matter how beneficial it might be to review.


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