4-3 Online lesson plan

August 3, 2010

I found a lesson on Home School Math about Line Symmetry. The lesson was basically a “here it is” kind of lesson. The website gave a definition of a symmetry line and showed some examples. After giving the examples it asked the student to identify which of a set of shapes was symmetrical and to draw the line of symmetry. It did go a little deeper into the idea of a parallelogram and that fact that while it might look symmetrical when it actually is not. Finally, the lesson called for students to write all of the capital letters that have a line of symmetry.

This lesson definitely falls on the low end of all of the spectrums we have been discussing in class. If we compare this with Bloom’s taxonomy it would have to be at the low (knowledge) end. Same with the Van Hiele Model, we are simply asking students  to identify a property visually, so that would be a level 0 task. In terms of Problem solving and problem posing, their is very little depth to this lesson.


One comment

  1. Peter,

    I agree that the lesson utilizes the lower spectrum of Bloom’s Taxonomy and van Hieles’ model. From that standpoint, I would certainly use the lesson as an introduction. I start many of my lessons from “first principles”. In that way, I don’t skip right past the students in the class. It may be a bit boring for the students that have a bette grasp. However, I find that working the basics for them is a great help too.

    Perhaps a place to begin with this lesson would be to inject some algebra into the lesson. Also, talking about how the exercises are graded and any rubric would be helpful for other instructors too.

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