4-7 Don “The Mathman” Cohen

August 8, 2010

Calculus for 7yo
Don Cohen “The Mathman” guides students along a path to deeper understanding of patterns that lead to infinite series. during the Live event, we got to see the true joy that Don still gets from seeing his students succeed. Don has put together, with the help of one of his former students a wonderful “map” of calculus. The map has all sorts of examples of the work his students have done through the years. Some of the more notable work has been done by 2nd – 4th graders wherein they discovered infinite series while working on problems such as ” how can you divide 6 cookies among 7 people?” While he does not introduce any formal calculus terminology into his teaching of young children he is able to bring out the important concepts that they will need later in their schooling, all while helping to take away the “fear” of math.


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  1. Peter,

    That was an excellent webinar. You hit on some of the highlights. However, there were a couple of items that were staggering. Don, “The Mathman” Cohen has earned such a place of trust with his students that he is now teaching their children. And in one case, he mentioned that he is teaching a third generation of children from the same family. Regardless of the subtlety with which Don guides his young learners, I don’t think there is a laurel leaf quite so powerful as bringing one’s children to him because you loved him so.

    The map also has depth and breadth. He, along with his former and current students, capture the two essential elements of calculus. And he relates them to infinite series and infinite sequences. I was priveleged to participate.

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