August 17, 2010

1) Create a rap, based on a current popular song, that informs students of the relationship between the slope and y-intercept and what a graph looks like.

Assessment – Rubric

2) Using Geogebra, geometer’s sketchpad, or graphs (MacBook), create an applet that others can use to discover the relationship between the slope of a line and it’s equation.

Assessment –  Peer assessment. Students will “trade” applets and work through them. Students will then grade each others assignments on a 1-5 scale based on ease of use and informative qualities. ( I will then go through each one and assess the student grades)

3) Students will search the Web for at least 5 definitions of slope and y- intercept. They will then rank these definitions in order from best to worst, creating a poster for each term.

Assessment – Rubric


One comment

  1. One wonders if students will be able to find a definition they actually like! An interesting experiment to conduct.

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