Dan Meyer Live event

August 28, 2010

During the Dan Meyer talk he focused mainly on problem “perplexity” and how to engage students through these types of questions.
He first mentioned two facts he learned during his years of teaching.
1) Students are impatient with their problem solving
2) Students aren’t engaged by math applications

Then he went on to make some analogies regarding math and real life.
One of which described perplexity as what keeps the the Math river flowing

He then tried to lay out a model to follow in order to create these perplexing lessons.
-begins with simple multimedia
-encourages a certain question
-encourages a guess
-offer lots of information or none at all
-encourages a certain skill

He then modeled a more specific problem that would perplex the students using these steps.
-what Information do you need?
-What skills are needed

Finally he walked us through how a lesson would work with one of these questions.
-Perplexing pedagogy
-Students form the question
-Exercise their number sense with a guess
-Decide what information they need
-Decide what skills they need
-Observe an answer


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